What Is Imbue?

Imbue is a game of imagination where players interact in a world of their own creation. The game is structured around a story with players guiding the protagonists through the scenes and making decisions about how the characters will act or react to the setting. To determine how well their decisions fare, players draw cards from a freshly shuffled deck of playing cards.

While most games have winners and losers, players of Imbue should consider themselves all on the same team. The goal is to navigate characters through a story. Even in failing the objectives within the story, the narrative continues. In Imbue, winning the game is achieved through storytelling synergy.


Products and Plans

The Introduction to Imbue book is now available. The full edition of the game won’t be available until 2019 though related materials are in development now. To remain updated on the progress of Imbue and related projects, subscribe at http://company.cryptiquest.com/subscribe/.